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What is GLEM

It is a concept nurtured by AKNET in order to reach over and above 500,000 Bangladeshi’s scattered all over the country instantly through email .It allows organizations of different sizes, individuals easily  to create and promote their products and services effectively to the prospective target groups.

Why should I use GLEM?

It is cost effective. More over you could make use of its immediacy and efficiency to derive quick responses in your business. It helps you to tap your target group directly whilst keeping cost at the lowest possible level. Properly positioned eFlyer could bring lasting results to your organization with limitless opportunities to communicate your offerings to consumers who have shown interest in the products and services marketed by your organization.

Can my business benefit from online newsletters and special promos?

emarketers estimates there are 11 million Internet users in the Bangladesh spending 85% of their online time sending and receiving emails. Given the low cost and high impact value of email marketing, there are no businesses that would not benefit from this market.

What makes AKNET eFlyer so special?

AKNET has been a pioneer in direct marketing in Bangladesh. With strong joint venture partnership with A.K Khan Group in Bangladesh and Ceylinco Group in
Sri Lanka, AKNET has created its market presence as a multifaceted entity offering application services as well as dedicated internet connections and security solutions to corporate houses in Bangladesh. We have state of the art infrastructure to accommodate eFlyers of any nature.

Do you charge per email or per subscriber?

We charge per campaign executed to a minimum 500,000 email data base. If you need    more details, you may request for a quotation simply by filling the required details in “eFlyer inquiry”. Section in the website.

Do you sell email address lists?

No. AKNET will not indulge in such activities. Email data base is carefully built in order to provide you the aforesaid service to you.

Can you help us to develop graphical email message?

Yes we can. On your request our experts could develop graphical images with compelling messages to entice the recipients of the mailers to respond or even to the extent of purchasing the products and services marketed by you.

Does eFlyer Bangladesh CC (carbon copy) or BCC (blind carbon copy) emails sent to multiple recipients?

No, when sending, each eFlyer is addressed and sent individually. This is much more effective. When people see phrase in the "To" field of the received email, they usually associate it with unsolicited mail which is SPAM.

Which package is the best package?

Currently there are 3 packages on offer. You have the liberty to decide which package suits your need and the budget. It is recommended to repeat your message at different intervals in order to establish stronger presence of the message in the recipients mind.

How long does it take for you to deliver the emails?

The email newsletter will first be queued in our send server, and then queued on the recipient’s server and onto their email browser and then in to the inbox immediately. If the server or the email box of the receiver is full, delivery time could get longer.

What is a soft bounce?

A soft bounce is an email message that gets as far as the recipient's mail server, but is bounced back before it reaches the recipient. One of the most common causes for a soft bounce is a full mailbox. This will happen a lot with your subscribers who use free email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, because they allow for very little email storage.

What is a hard bounce?

A hard bounce is an email message that has been returned to you because the recipient's address is invalid. A hard bounce might occur because the domain name does not exist, the recipient is unknown, or there is a network problem on the recipient's end.

What is Google analytics?

Analytics is a free application offered by Google. It allows you to study the behavior of your visitors and gives insight, into which links are the most popular on your page, graphs reflecting when the majority of users visited your site and a number of other useful tools. It gives a great overview of the traffic to your website.

Do you integrate with Google analytics?

Yes. When you name the links you are going to insert into your email message a tracking code will be added in order to check the amounts of links that are being clicked by the recipients. This code will allow you to view Google Analytics stats showing you how many visits, conversions and sales were made from your email.

Why sometimes people complain that they don’t receive emails?

Unfortunately, no email service can guarantee 100% delivery. People change email addresses when they move or leave jobs, auto responders are set up when people are on vacation and spam filters trap messages before they arrive based on key words and phrases in the content. Industry averages for delivery rates are 30-40% for business to business newsletters and 10-15% for consumer newsletters according to emarketers. With eFlyer Bangladesh you would experience the difference.

Can you provide analyzed reports?

We could provide you a well analyzed report on your request. Our visual graphs will show you how many emails got delivered and how many recipients took an action on those that were delivered.  At a glance you can visually see how many emails were opened.